Let's empower both women and community orphans together

To empower both women and community orphans with information, skills, and self-confidence to care for themselves and to improve lives of children and women struggling with the impact of gender-based violence pandemic with shelter and nourishment. Making them stable psychologically and to form lasting, loving, and nurturing relations.

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Dabere Gift for the Needy Initiative aspires in running an inclusive school education accessible for all the children & adult literacy classes in African rural areas

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Give a Helping hand to Those Who Need It?

Nothing seems more satisfying than seeing a smiling face around, and that satisfaction rapidly increase when you are the reason behind it. Lending a helping hand does a lot in enhancing your overall self and the satisfaction in being compassionate and kind is the total achievement anyone can experience. Helping hands are often rare, yet the most compassionate thing anyone could do. So, find some inspiration to do something good for the community. Remember that the happiest are those who do for others as no one has ever become poor by giving.

Promote Access to Healthcare For Children

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Growing up in poverty, children face many challenges: hunger and health problems, limited access to education

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Most of the Poor rural Children our futures companies

Save Child Africa



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Adult literacy classes at various slums in and around Africa

We have 50+ events to be achieved before March, 2024

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