About Us

About Us

DABERE GIFT FOR THE NEEDY is an independent, non-profit, nongovernmental and non-political organization registered with the directorate of non-profit organizations: department of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)- federal republic of Nigeria. The organization works within the legal framework of the non-governmental organization’s registrations and other relevant laws and acts.


▪ Expanded access to comprehensive health care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS through home based health care.
▪ Established training facilities in form of workshops aimed at empowering women with skills, information and knowledge that will stimulate development.
▪ Reduced the literacy rate (status) of the population with more emphasis on women and the girl child.
▪ Promoted the reduction of the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections other than HIV/AIDS.


▪ To construct permanent shelters – for the most vulnerable affected orphans by HIV/AIDS.
▪ Agricultural productivity – to ensure food security in quantity and quality.
▪ Economic Empowerment – providing material resources designed to bring about sustenance.
▪ Social Justice – We seek a world of hope and tolerance where people live is dignity and security


▪ Health
▪ Education
▪ Poverty
▪ Nutrition
▪ Victim Service
▪ HIV Testing Mobilisation
▪ HIV Prevention
▪ Treatment Action
▪ Counselling

When was DABERE GIFT FOR THE NEEDY formed & why?

DABERE GIFT FOR THE NEEDY was officially launched in February 2020 and was set up to assist community burdened orphans and abused women with shelter, psychological support and mostly to promote the reduction of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, sexual, and physical abuse among many other structural challenges.

Our Mission

 ADD VALUE – To empower both women and community orphans with information, skills, and self-confidence to care for themselves.
 SOCIAL SUPPORT – To improve lives of children and women struggling with the impact of gender-based violence pandemic with shelter and nourishment.
 INVEST – To educate orphans to mature into mature and psychologically stable adults.
 CARE – To form lasting, loving, and nurturing relations.

DABERE GIFT FOR THE NEEDY – “A Gift in season is a double favor to the needy.”

Our Mission

To work for the cause and care of the economically and socially deprived , to improve their quality of life by proving them with education for livelihood , to guide them in bringing a positive change in their lives and hence the society

Our Vision

A society in which every individual serves as an asset to the country and helps alleviate poverty and socially exclusion by working towards it with a feeling of oneness and mutual respect.