Who Are We / What We Do

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Who Are We

Our Vision

A society in which every individual serves as an asset to the country and helps alleviate poverty and socially exclusion by working towards it with a feeling of oneness and mutual respect.

Our Mission

 ADD VALUE – To empower both women and community orphans with information, skills, and self-confidence to care for themselves.
 SOCIAL SUPPORT – To improve lives of children and women struggling with the impact of gender-based violence pandemic with shelter and nourishment.
 INVEST – To educate orphans to mature into mature and psychologically stable adults.
 CARE – To form lasting, loving, and nurturing relations.

DABERE GIFT FOR THE NEEDY – “A Gift in season is a double favor to the needy.”

01 – Mission and vision


Education is an important institution that shapes society, and establishes knowledgeable citizens at a young age. It needs an intensive and accelerated teacher that is passionate, caring and understanding to help the children from their tender age to adult. However, that is the reason why we are introducing this “new school teacher” to help us rebuild our community

People for Education is a unique organization in Africa: independent, non-partisan, and fuelled by a belief in the power and promise of public education to bring good life to you and the community at large. However, it is very important that we need to employ new teachers either as volunteers or paid to help in imparting knowledge on the children in the rural areas in Nigeria to start with and also we will be extending to other parts of Africa as times goes by.

We will train these teachers and other school staff to improve education quality and help students access services and interventions in the areas of health, nutrition, and education. We also are introducing craft to the school very soon from tender age. Education is particularly important to communities that are fragile or rebuilding. Education provides stability, structure and hope for all

Clean Water

We are registered and have the to bring development to communities by providing clean drinking water to as many people as possible.

Against Child and Woman Abuse

We also help the victim of human right violation by providing them assistance and advice. Also, file cases, write petitions and public interest litigation on behalf of victims and public at large for protection of human rights.

Helps Provide for others

Donating clothes can help you contribute to those in need. It’s surprising how appreciative people can be when you give away your old t-shirts to those who haven’t had new clothes in a while.

Homelessness and Charities

Donating of clothes to underprivileged often provide homeless or other disadvantaged people with clothing options. However, you too can donate your old clothes to us as your contributions will go a long way to donating to people in need.

Disaster Victims

Clothes donation help disaster relief efforts while also receiving clothing donations. If you plan on donating to disaster aid efforts, be sure to contact programs to help.

Diseases and Illnesses

A surprising benefit of donating your clothing is that it can help people in need fight diseases. Some foundations accept clothing through their local chapters and use them for fundraising. By selling your donations, they can make profits that can significantly contribute to disease and illness research facilities. The contributions cover a multitude of fees, such as early screenings and education programs. So consider bringing in your old clothes to raise money for cancer and other life-altering illnesses.

Keeps Your Space Organized

Sometimes, living with clutter and bulk can increase the risk of danger. It may create fire hazards or lead to suffocation. Not to mention that clutter can bring down your emotional health. Thankfully, not only are you helping others by donating, but you’re also helping yourself by cleaning your space. You become less likely to contract illnesses as well.

02 – Charity projects

Dabere Gift for the Needy Initiative is one of the top trusted NGO in Africa, working for women empowerment, Health & child education in rural areas. Care Nigeria – Charity foundation.

Bringing Relief to the needy ; Gift for the poor ; Gifts to the poor ; Charitable donations. Your generous donation provides Christmas gifts for needy children. See how you can give needy children the joy of a Christmas & Salah present ! 200 needy families badly affected by HIV/Aids, other health issues, internally displaced persons and extreme poverty. With your donation, you can save lives!!! Your support matters too

HIV/AIDS Clothes For Everyone New Kindergarten Construction of Water Wells New School Teachers Clean Water For All

03 – Foundation

Everyone in this world can actually make a difference and help lend a helping hand to the less fortunate around us. Your strong intent to make a difference, can take the form of engaging in campaigns for the betterment of the society, volunteering and working directly with communities, supporting fund raising and monetary contributions to the causes of your choice. Be a part of our endeavour to work for the marginalised.

Be part of a team that focuses on developing the potential of children, women and girls to drive long lasting equitable change.

Write to us at info@daberegiftfortheneedy.com to join the Dabere Gift for the needy Initiative team, as we fight the underlying causes of poverty, illness, education, build secure and flexible communities, and ensure a life of dignity for all children, women and girls from the most deprived and vulnerable communities.

We will also like to hear from you

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